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Best real estate landing pages 2020 - by Released units

Real estate landing page 2020
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Real estate landing page 2020
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Have you ever searched for a landing page builder to create a landing page for FACEBOOK and social media campaigns,Here it is, "free landing page for real estate campaigns 2020", It is created online using released units "free landing page builder".

The video shown below, describes how powerfull is this builder and what the "Landing Page Best Practices to generate leads" is.

It will also show you how to use the features and capabilities of this builder to "create a high converting landing page".

If you want to step in directly and create your free account to start exploring by yourself, please jump in to sign up page: Create new landing page

The following are the main titles described in the above video:

  1. What is released units ?

    • Released units is an online tool to create landing pages for your real estate campaign..
    • It creates a landing page that is fully optimized for real estate projects, with a mobile friendly design and social media integration.
    • As you see in this video, it has a unique design, with your contacts on the top bar, followed by your logo, page title, and page description, then an elegant contact-us form.
    • In addition, you can add many other sections to the page, as you will see later in this video..
  2. Where to host the created landing page ?

    sample of released units landing page for real estate
    • The created landing page is hosted on released units servers.
    • Each created page instantaneously gets a search engine friendly URL, which is easy to share and use in your online real estate campaigns.
  3. How to setup my landing page leads form ?

    • Every time your client submits the form, he will be smoothly redirected to a message received page, with a nice welcoming message that encourages him to like and follow your FACEBOOK page.
    • In the same second, you will be receiving an automated email with the message content.
    • It also backup all your client’s messages and contacts for you.
    • you can access these records from a user-friendly control panel for each page account.
    • You can login to your page account, and browse your leads on the go, with a mobile friendly lead cards, showing your clients messages and contacts.
    • Logging to your page account from desktop, will also give You the ability to update their requests and follow ups from a simple management table.
    • To setup your contact-us form, login to your page account and edit your email address from "page contacts" under the "page setting" section.
    • To login to your page account Landing page login
    • To open new page account Create new landing page
  4. Where to add my contacts in the landing page ?

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    • The page itself has a header contact bar gives the ability to link your page to FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, LINKEDIN with a nice small icon that will redirect your visitor to the corresponding social media page.
    • In the same header bar, you will find a flashing “WHATSAPP icon” that encourages your visitors to start chatting with you through WHATSAPP with a predefined message to let you know that they are being redirected to you from your landing page.
    • You can also add your phone number to the contact bar with a nice “click to call icon”.
    • The header contacts section can easily be managed from your page account’s control panel, which allows you to add/hide icons or edit its information.
  5. Adding more sections to my landing page.

    • From your control panel, you can add an advertisements section to your landing page, up to 10 Ads, each of them with its own title/image/description and interested button that can redirect your visitor to an external website or to another landing page.
    • As you see in the page sample in this video, we created a parent page that shows advertisements for several houses for sale.
    • Each house has a card in the advertisement’s section, with its own title and description.
    • The description can be like itemizing the house properties, or can be a descriptive speech.
    • Under the description, there will be a “contact-us button” that scrolls directly to the “contact-us form”.In addition, you can add an “interested button” with a link of your choice.So, you can link each advertisement to a different website, or another page.
    • In the sample page in this video, we created another landing page for each house in the parent page. So, clicking on the “interested button” will redirect the visitor to the child landing page for this specific house. In this child page, we can add another advertisement section that shows a card for each item in that house.
    • In this way, you can impress your visitors with a detailed description of the house advantages.
    • Create more pages for each house to build a strong structure for your real estate project with a parent page that groups links to a child pages of individual properties.
  6. Adding articles to my landing page.

    • you can also add an “articles section” to your landing page, up to 3 articles per page, each of them has its own title, image and description to enrich your page for search engines visibility.
    • As you see in the sample page on this video, we added 3 articles to our page that has a selling description of our house advantages.
    • Each article can also have its “read more button”, you can set each button to link to another page or to your website.
  7. Adding YouTube videos to my landing page.

    • You can add a video section to your landing page that is created using "released units free landing page builder", so your visitors will be able to scroll through YouTube videos describing your real estate properties.
    • Again, each video will have a description section underneath to engage your visitor more and more with your house’s selling points.
  8. linking the landing page to Google maps.

    • In real estate business, Location recognition is mandatory , In the landing page created by "released units landing page builder" ,you will able to link a google map to your page through the “map section” of your page.
    • To login to your page account landing page login
    • To open new page account Create new landing page

All sections and information in your page are easy editable from your control panel, in addition you will find advanced tools for "landing page optimization" for search engines through keywords tags, linking your page to search console and google analytics..etc

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